My LAST comment on NASUG!!!!!!

From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 23:02:42 EET

 The NASUG has an organizational document that is specific to it's purpose.
We would have to re-write the document to become a "industry-wide" focus
group so why not organize another with that purpose and stop haggling.

Sometimes people create motion so that it looks similar to
progress......... just create progress if you want a group devoted to all
stereolithography systems. In other words just do it instead of haggling
or harrassing a group that knows it's purpose and is devoted to it.

>From the by-laws of the NASUG........and my LAST comment on the subject.


1. The name of this body shall be 3D System's Stereolithography Users
Group, hereinafter referred to as, The USERS GROUP.@


2.1 The Users Group was established as a non-profit organization to
encourage and coordinate technical information exchange between users and
to provide communication to 3D Systems, Inc., on hardware and software
modifications. The objectives of the USERS GROUP are to:

2.1.1 Encourage effective information exchange of non-proprietary
strategies and applications by providing a forum for presentations and

2.1.2 Propose standards for 3D Systems for reporting of errors and
improvement requests, and CAD application interfaces that comply with
industry standards, and

2.1.3 Propose solutions to problems that involve basic modifications to
hardware and software.

Can I make it ANY clearer???


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