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From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (
Date: Sat Feb 22 1997 - 18:50:47 EET

Ross Gates wrote:
> I find it incredible that the debate on NASUG is going on at all.
> Everyone must realize that a huge percentage of Aaroflex machines will
> be sold to present 3D systems users looking for more advanced
> technology. Most 500 users migrated from the smaller, slower SLA's and
> they will be more likely the ones to migrate to the more powerful
> Aaroflexes. If you look at the users list of RP equipment, most are
> utilizing multiple technologies, because one technology does not meet
> every RP need. So you will have people at your NASUG that are owners of
> Aaroflex, Helisys, Stratisys, Sanders, etc.
> So, instead of the myopic vision that that manufacturers' of this
> equipment want us to perceive, we get an infusion and cross pollination
> of ideas that synergizes the industry. There has been an explosion in
> capabilities and technologies since other RP manufacturers introduced
> their equipment. If it was still one manufacturer, I believe the
> industry would be small and its effects minimal. Because of competition
> we have better resin systems, better paper, better sintering materials,
> much better software.
> One of the letter writers stated that he didn't want to listen to people
> who he did not buy his products from, but yet the User's group has
> competing resin system and software presenting. If you don't want to
> hear what the other guy has to say, how do you know what direction you
> are going in?
> As a member of the Helisys Users Group, I find that the other RP
> technologies bring a wealth of enhancement to this process. Who
> benefits? My customers, not the machine manufacturer. That's what
> counts.


This is my final (friendly) comment on this subject.

There are many other places to follow industry direction other than the
NASUG conference. Time is very valuable and we need to make efficient
use of it. My position stated and quoted by you reflects this. I attend
multiple conferences each year organized for the technologies that I
own. This is not unusual.

I have in the past supported Rapid Prototyping and will in the future.
As an owner of multiple RP systems I continue to believe that these
groups need to be specialized to expect full support and participation
by the manufacturers. We all know how competitive this industry is and
needs to be. This is the reason we are where we are today. An open cross
platform forum will only limit the information exchange by the
manufactures at these meetings if they sit in the same room together. So
please do not misunderstand my point.

Good luck with the NAHUG.



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