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From: International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (isie97@dei.uminho.pt)
Date: Mon Feb 24 1997 - 14:37:14 EET

Dear College,

As you my have heard or read, the 1997 International Symposium on
Industrial Electronics, ISIE’97, will be held at University of Minho. In
parallel with this event and within it we are organizing a Student Forum
on Industrial Electronics.
The purpose of this Forum is to provide a place where engineering
students can present and discuss topics on Industrial Electronics and
related areas. This is clearly a good opportunity for students, to
interact directly with students from different countries and scientific
cultures and to contact with senior researchers on Industrial

Henceforth, we would like to beg you to advertise this Student Forum and
to encourage your Diploma and Msc students to submit papers.

We look forward to welcoming you and your students.


Carlos Couto
(General Co-Chairmen)


                        CALL FOR POSTERS
        IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics

Sponsors :
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
University of Minho, Portugal
University of Minho IEEE Students Branch

General Co-Chairmen:
Carlos A. Couto, Dept. of Industrial Electronics,University of Minho,
 Robert Begun, IEEE-IES,USA

Technical Program Co-Chairmen:
 Okyay Kaynak, Bogazici University, Istambul, Turkey
 J.C. Marques dos Santos, University of Porto, Portugal

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place where engineering
students can present and discuss topics on Industrial Electronics and
related areas:

Factory Automation: Flexible manufacturing, manufactoring system
architecture, industrial automation, process automation,

Power Electronics: Power electronics devices and systems, high frequency
power converters, digital control of power electronics, energy systems,
electrical drives, static VAR and harmonic compensations, and analytical
and simulation analysis methods.

Robotics, Vision and Sensors: Advanced robotics, intelligent sensors,
machine vision and intelligence, actuators and motion control,
microelectro-mechanical systems, multisensor fusion and integration, and
autonomous mobile robots.

Signal Processing and Control: Advanced control and measurement,
computer and microprocessor based control, data reduction and signal
processing, estimation and identification techniques, instrumentation
electronics, automotive electronics, human interfaces, software design
tools, and non-linear control and systems.

Emerging Technologies: Neural networks, fuzzy control, AI and expert
systems, algorithms, intelligent mechatronics, concurrent engineering,
medical electronics, virtual reality and telesensation, multimedia.

Submission format: Diploma and Msc registered students are invited to
submit two copies of a full paper, in English, with 6 pages maximum, to
be presented in a Poster Session. The submitted papper should be in
final format and should include: title, authors, mailing address of each
author, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses. It should include a
clearly defined problem statement supported by the relevant references.
It should state why the work was undertaken and what are its outcomes.
The development description should be comprehensive enough to allow the
assessment of the work's originality and contribution to the technical
area and should also provide conclusions. Paper's format can be found on

Paper Acceptance: Each accepted paper will be included in the Forum
Proceedings and will be presented in a poster format. The 6 to 8 best
papers will be selected for an oral presentation in a dedicated special
session within ISIE'97.

Poster Format: Dimension of 150cmX100cm (height X width) maximum and
must include title, authors, mailing address of each author, e-mail
addresses, text, figures and references.

Registration: For the paper to be included in the Forum Proceedings at
least one of the authors must register and pay the registration fee till
15th June, 1997. The Forum Fee is $100 USA dollars. This fee includes
ISIE'97 Proceedings, Student Forum Proceedings, and right to attend all
the sessions of ISIE'97.

Paper submission May 15, 1997
Notification of Acceptance June 1, 1997
Registration June 15,1997

Submission Address: Estela Bicho, Dept. of Industrial Electronics,
University of Minho, Azurem, 4800 Guimarăes, PORTUGAL,
Ph: +351 53 510190, Fax: +351 53 510189
Email: estela@dei.uminho.pt

For further information contact one of the General Co-Chairmen, or
email:isie97@dei.uminho.pt, or

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