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Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 00:37:20 EET

Elaine Persall wrote:
> To all.
> How many are in favor and would support a world wide association of RP
> users (WARPUG)? How many would present technical papers or presentations
> at such an event? The focus would be users of the technology discussing
> technial issues and advances. Where would be the best site for you besides
> Clemson, SC. Would you like to piggyback off another conference or event?
> What would you like to learn the most? What should be the length of such an
> event? Will you really attend and particiapte instead of just listening?
> Should sales pitches be allowed?
> Time for all WARPUGs to step forward.........
> Elaine


Isn't this already the purpose of various worldwide conferences; ie. SME Rapid
Prototyping and Manufacturing Conference(Detroit, Michigan, USA) and the Stanford
University/University of Dayton RP Conference (San Fransisco, California, USA)?
These arenas are full of cross-functional and complementary RP technologies and
users. Lookers, researchers and users all in one place.

Just one person's opinion.

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