RE: Boolean manipulation of slice files

From: Bart Swaelens (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 10:15:48 EET

Ian Campbell wrote :
Dear RPers

I have a requirement for software which will read in slice files
(preferably in .sli format) and then perform boolean operations upon
them, i.e. union, subtract and intersection. I then want to output
the results as new slice files. Does anyone know of any
available software which will help me with this task?



Hi Ian,

In the Contour Tools package from Materialise, all kinds of manipulations on slice files are supported. One of them is boolean operations. You can start from different types of sliced files (SLC, CLI, SLI, ...), or slice your STL file first, and after the manipulations, you can write out as another slice file (SLC, HPGL, SLI, CLI,...)

Contact me if you want more details.


Bart Swaelens
Materialise NV

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