Re: Adaptive slicing challenge.

Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 19:42:06 EET

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<< recognizing key features
 and using this information in tandem with the surface complexity to generate
 the appropriate slice thickness. This methodology is protected by his
patent. >>

Very interesting.

Assuming the new methodology estimates errors in away which allows one to
"keep the error within a specified tolerance," as Raymond Hope desires, does
it also get into the special issues raised by his 5-axis waterjet - - how one
would evaluate the error reduction made possible by varying the angle of edge
cut from vertical?

Such a comparison procedure would seem to be critical to efficiently
operating a layer-by-layer additive machine which is capable of producing
layers with RH's "sloping boundary surfaces." [Although I'm not working on
such a machine, it seems to offer great potential. I'm very curious to see
how the "challenge" of the simplified thread shape can be properly

In any case, there are probably several people who would be curious to read
the patent, for whatever reason. Although we could all look up the number,
would you please provide it for convenience?

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