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From: Christian Nelson (nelson@dtm-corp.com)
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 22:28:35 EET

DTM Announces Two New Rapid Prototyping Materials For Sinterstation(R)

Create "Rubber-Like" Prototypes With DuPont Somos(R) 201 Polymer and
Highly Detailed and Durable Functional Prototypes with VeriFormt Polymer

Austin, Texas February 18, 1997: DTM Corporation today announced two
new materials for use in the Sinterstation family of rapid prototyping
systems. The first material, DuPont Somos 201 is an elastomeric polymer
that produces highly flexible parts with outstanding "rubber-like"
characteristics. This new product enables customers to use rapid
prototyping technology to develop functional prototypes such as gaskets,
seals, moldings, athletic shoes and equipment and other applications
where high flexibility is key. DTM Corporation will serve as a
distributor of the DuPont Somos 201 Polymer for E.I. du Pont de Nemours
and Company. The second new material, VeriForm Polymer, is a new high
performance thermoplastic material designed for demanding, real-world
functional prototyping applications. This tough material is designed
for applications where operational working models of products are needed
for testing in high stress, harsh environments and other demanding
applications where the prototypes have to operate like the final
product. Another attribute of this new material is that it produces
highly detailed functional prototypes that are easy to finish to a
high-gloss smooth surface.

DuPont Somos 201 was developed by material scientists at DuPont Somos
Solid Imaging Materials. This is DuPont's first SLS(R) Selective Laser
Sintering material development. "One of the major strengths of DTM's
SLS Selective Laser Sintering technology is the wide range of materials
that can be run on a single platform. We are excited about the market
potential for new DuPont Somos materials designed for demanding SLS
rapid prototyping applications" said Dr. Daniel J. Mickish, Manager of
DuPont Somos Solid Imaging Materials. Initial interest in the new
material is coming from the automotive, medical, sports equipment and
toy markets where it can be used to quickly prototype a wide variety of
parts ranging from door moldings, hose assemblies, boot covers, pliable
keyboards, seals and shoe soles. A positive characteristic of the new
flexible polymer is high resistance to elevated temperature and harsh
chemicals such as gasoline and automotive coolants. DTM will begin
shipments of DuPont Somos 201 in the second quarter.

VeriForm Polymer is a significant advance over DTM's popular nylon
family of materials. While it has the same toughness, strength and
durability of the current DTM nylon material family it has some key
advantages in the quality of the surface finish, powder recyclability
and fine feature definition. Compared to current SLS functional
prototyping materials, prototypes built with VeriForm Polymer are easier
to build and exhibit surface finish characteristics much like the final
injection molded plastic part used in the actual product. The color of
initial shipments of the new VeriForm Polymer material will be white.
Product availability of the VeriForm Polymer material is also scheduled
for the second quarter. DTM is investigating a range of colors of this
rugged functional prototyping material for possible introduction later
this year.

DTM Corporation develops, manufactures and markets the Sinterstation
family of rapid prototyping products for application in the growing
rapid manufacturing marketplace. DTM has an exclusive worldwide license
to Selective Laser Sintering technology. The company's products are
sold, serviced, and supported directly through DTM in North America and
in Europe through DTM GmbH (Germany), a wholly-owned subsidiary, and
through agents located in various European countries. DTM products are
also available through an extensive network of international agents and
distributors throughout the Pacific Rim and South America.


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trademarks and registered trademarks of DTM Corporation. Somos(R) is a
registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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