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From: Rajeev Garg (rgarg@sut1661.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 22:43:16 EET

Does anyone know about similar polymer for the SLA ( i.e flexible an
rubber like)

Any information is highly appreciated

Rajeev Garg

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997 wrote:

> DTM Announces Two New Rapid Prototyping Materials For Sinterstation(R) Systems
> Create "Rubber-Like" Prototypes With DuPont Somos(R) 201 Polymer and Highly
> Detailed and Durable Functional Prototypes with VeriFormt Polymer
> Austin, Texas February 18, 1997: DTM Corporation today announced two new
> materials for use in the Sinterstation family of rapid prototyping systems. The
> first material, DuPont Somos 201 is an elastomeric polymer that produces highly
> flexible parts with outstanding "rubber-like" characteristics. This new product
> enables customers to use rapid prototyping technology to develop functional
> prototypes such as gaskets, seals, moldings, athletic shoes and equipment and
> other applications where high flexibility is key. DTM Corporation will serve as
> a distributor of the DuPont Somos 201 Polymer for E.I. du Pont de Nemours and
> Company. The second new material, VeriForm Polymer, is a new high performance
> thermoplastic material designed for demanding, real-world functional prototyping
> applications. This tough material is designed for applications where
> operational working models of products are needed for testing in high stress,
> harsh environments and other demanding applications where the prototypes have to
> operate like the final product. Another attribute of this new material is that
> it produces highly detailed functional prototypes that are easy to finish to a
> high-gloss smooth surface.
> DuPont Somos 201 was developed by material scientists at DuPont Somos Solid
> Imaging Materials. This is DuPont's first SLS(R) Selective Laser Sintering
> material development. "One of the major strengths of DTM's SLS Selective Laser
> Sintering technology is the wide range of materials that can be run on a single
> platform. We are excited about the market potential for new DuPont Somos
> materials designed for demanding SLS rapid prototyping applications" said Dr.
> Daniel J. Mickish, Manager of DuPont Somos Solid Imaging Materials. Initial
> interest in the new material is coming from the automotive, medical, sports
> equipment and toy markets where it can be used to quickly prototype a wide
> variety of parts ranging from door moldings, hose assemblies, boot covers,
> pliable keyboards, seals and shoe soles. A positive characteristic of the new
> flexible polymer is high resistance to elevated temperature and harsh chemicals
> such as gasoline and automotive coolants. DTM will begin shipments of DuPont
> Somos 201 in the second quarter.
> VeriForm Polymer is a significant advance over DTM's popular nylon family of
> materials. While it has the same toughness, strength and durability of the
> current DTM nylon material family it has some key advantages in the quality of
> the surface finish, powder recyclability and fine feature definition. Compared
> to current SLS functional prototyping materials, prototypes built with VeriForm
> Polymer are easier to build and exhibit surface finish characteristics much like
> the final injection molded plastic part used in the actual product. The color
> of initial shipments of the new VeriForm Polymer material will be white.
> Product availability of the VeriForm Polymer material is also scheduled for the
> second quarter. DTM is investigating a range of colors of this rugged
> functional prototyping material for possible introduction later this year.
> DTM Corporation develops, manufactures and markets the Sinterstation family of
> rapid prototyping products for application in the growing rapid manufacturing
> marketplace. DTM has an exclusive worldwide license to Selective Laser
> Sintering technology. The company's products are sold, serviced, and supported
> directly through DTM in North America and in Europe through DTM GmbH (Germany),
> a wholly-owned subsidiary, and through agents located in various European
> countries. DTM products are also available through an extensive network of
> international agents and distributors throughout the Pacific Rim and South
> America.
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> DTM(TM), RapidTool(TM), SandForm(TM), Sinterstation(R), and SLS(R) are
> trademarks and registered trademarks of DTM Corporation. Somos(R) is a
> registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
> (C) DTM Corporation
> All rights reserved

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