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Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 07:51:50 EET

M. Burns ( wrote:
> Michael Tsenter wrote:
> > You may contact Dr. Detlef Kochan at SFM-Gesellschaft zur Schnellen
> > Fertigung in Dresden, Germany. He has made a few very impressive
> > architectural prototypes using LOM technology.
> Dear Mike,
> I understand there is a prominent Los Angeles architect who has also been using LOM. Do you know anything about that?
> Best regards,
> Marshall Burns

You are absolutely right Marshall. The firm of Frank O. Gehry &
Associates in Santa Monica, California (tel: 310-828-6088, fax:
310-828-2098, contact Mr. David Reddy or Mr. Rick Smith) had used LOM
technology in 1991 to build a scale model of the "fish / bird" structure
which was designed for the Olympic Games in Barcelona. This structure
is located in the Barcelona harbor and it is about 200 feet long and 90
feet high. The LOM model was used to help the construction people
visualize the design.

Other LOM models were produced for the same firm in order to make a
scale mock-up of the Disney Music Hall.

Best regards,
Michael Tsenter

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