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Dear Jeffrey:

The Plastic Molders and Manufacturers Association (PMMA) of SME offers various
courses and seminars on injection molding.

A few titles include:

Fundamentals of injection molding
Fundamentals of injection molded part design
Injection mold design
Designing Plastic injection molds
Designing injection molded parts for assembly
Injection molding automation
Remanufacturing injection molding machines
Injection molding troubleshooting
Design of experiments for injection molding
Mold fabrication for injection molding
Powder injection molding
Rubber injection molding
Rapid Tooling for injection molding

More information on these courses and others can be accessed at: or call SME Customer Service 1-800-733-4763 or contact
Dave Reid at SME, (313) 271-1500, ext 592, email:

Thank you
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        Does anyone out there know of any course/seminars that deal with the
basics of injection molding with an RP slant? I am aware of the SME
conference but I am interested in a more in depth course. Any info will
be appreciated.

Jeff Narva
Hughes Technical Services-Indianapolis

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