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Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 12:06:19 EET

Jonathon A. Landell wrote:
> Well, sorry about the long letter, y'all, but I did notice that there
> wasn't much conversation going on at the moment! I'll look forward to
> hearing from anyone who might have some insights into my project, and
> first-hand experience with "RevEng" itself.


We have done similar work here at PML, including musical instruments.

We had a very early version of RevEng in our shop a few years ago and it
seemed to work well for gathering point data from our Mitutoyo CMM from
within CadKey. Keep in mind that you'll need Fastsurf and/or FastSolid
(they are add-on modules to CadKey) to do any significant free-form
surfacing or solids modeling.

As for the general approach, I try to use dimensions wherever possible.
If you have to digitize certain free-form surface areas, try to use as
few points as possible to define your surfaces, especially if you will
be manipulating the point clouds in CadKey. Laser scanners are great
tools, but you need special software and alot of computing power to work
with the huge point files. Although Cadkey/Fastsurf is, in my
experience, the best mid-range CAD program for what you're doing.


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