Patent position of current 'Concept Modellers'

From: Christopher Jelley (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 13:48:37 EET

Hello Everyone

A quick question?

Does anyone know of the current patent position of the new 'concept
modellers' i.e. Actua 2100, Genisys, BPM, etc.?? I suppose I really want to
know what technology is patented by each company ?

My resaon for asking is to try to get a handle on the what scope there will
be in the future for new entrants in this new market segment? Will new
entrants have to have to have some different method for producing models
other than the extrusion offered by Stratasys, the ink-jet offered by 3D
Systems, BPM and Sanders? And finally if all three of the ink-jet
technologies are patented, in what ways are they regarded (in the patent) as
being different?

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