Criteria for RP expert system/selector program

From: Albert Soo (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 05:56:42 EET

Dear RPers
                  My name is Albert Soo, and I am a Masters student at
Swinburne University in Victoria, Australia. I am doing my masters
thesis on RP expert system/selector program. The program would
consist of asking a series of questions (eg price, part size, work
envelope volume, accuracy, surface finish, material of prototype,
build time, cost of material, running costs, depreciation costs,
end-application eg injection moulds or investment casting, etc..),
and depending on the user inputs, will narrow down the selection
to one of the available RP machine. I know every system has its
strengths and weakness. I have some difficulty trying to establish
(1) which factors/criteria are important to purchaser of RP system
(2) how to set objective factors/criteria that are common to all RP system
(3) collate current and accurate data, among the OEM claims and
    counterclaims. I am trying to keep politics out of a user-friendly
   and objective selector program.
                I would like to ask members on the mailing list, what
factors/criteria are important in making their original selection,
and to give a ranking of those factors, eg end-use application (1),
part accuracy (2), material choice (3), price of equipment (4), etc..
With the sample choice, price is not important, and RP system was
purchased for end-application (eg investment casting). Members can
contact me privately on email
                   Does any members know of any RP selector
programs other than the BIBA selector program ?.
                  Thank you.

Regards Albert Soo

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