StlView ActiveX Control

From: Igor G. Tebelev (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 05:53:37 EET

This message is to inform you that Shareware Version of StlView ActiveX
Control is ready for downloading from:

StlView ActiveX Control will allow to open local or remote Binary or ASCII
STL file as well as 3D-Studio and StlView SOL files inside Microsoft
Internet Explorer
or NetScape Navigator simply by droping the file from the shell or using
File/Open menu, embed above files into HTML documents interpreted by
Microsoft Internet Explorer (v3.0 and higher) or NetScape Navigator (v2.0
and above) under Windows95 and Windows NT 4.0, as well as other HTML
viewers that support Microsofts ActiveX <OBJECT> and/or NetScapes <EMBED>

It also can be used by Visual Basic and Visual C++ developers in their own
applications as a simple and convenient OLE control to be placed inside OLE
containers for visualization, investigation and translation of Solid
Objects that were previously saved in very popular 3D file formats (STL,
3DS, SOL and new IGT) used in a lot of CAD/CAM systems and Rapid
Prototyping technology.

It will allow you to view, analyze, place solids on HTML documents as well
as export them to Binary or ASCII STL, SOL, IGT, DXF, IGES, 3DS and VRML
files used in a CAD/CAM systems, Rapid Prototyping technology and Internet.

StlView ActiveX Control introduces very compact way of storing and
trasnfering STL files -- IGT format. Using this format you can achieve very
high compression ratio to transfer model faster and using less space. Usual
compression ratio is about 90% (original binary STL file of 1MB after
compression is only around
80KB). Another advantage of using IGT is that you can distort a little bit
your model, so another side of your business can get visual representation
of your work, but for manufacturing it is useless, cause it's not well
enough precise. IGT format with distortions can produce even higher
compression ratio -- up to 95%... The only necessity is that another side
of communication or your business must also have StlView ActiveX Control to
import your compressed IGT model and export it to one of the supported

StlView ActiveX Control is a 32bit OLE Control and will only work with any
program that is COM complient, e.g. MS Internet Explorer, MS ActiveX
Control Pad, MS HTML Control, other programs developed using Microsoft

If you are using Internet Explorer Download Service, simple click Yes
button on VerifyTrust popup and wait for StlView ActiveX Control
downloading and installation.

If you want to use Internet Explorer Download Service, please, open Example
Page at: or

If you are using NetScape Navigator or want to install it manually:
1. Download it from:
(around 100KB)
2. PKunzip it into directory of your choise:
3 Run Install.bat found in AStlView.Zip;
That's it, except you have to reload your Internet Explorer or NetScape
Navigator and now you are ready to activate StlView ActiveX Control.

To test StlView ActiveX Control goto File/Open menu of Internet Explorer or
NetScape Navigator or simply Drag and Drop existing STL or 3DS file located
on your system into your Browser Window... Working?... Press, right Mouse
button while cursor is inside View window, select desired functions from
the PopUp menu...Press left mouse button and dynamically rotate your view
point. Hold Ctrl key and move mouse up and down while left mouse button
pressed and you will dynamically change View Angle. Hold Shift key and move
mouse up and down while left mouse button pressed and you will dynamically
Step In/Out of your object changing Perspective distortions.

To check <OBJECT> tag embedding and to read more about StlView ActiveX
Control properties goto: or

Rapid Wishes and Good Luck,
Igor Tebelev

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