Re: Criteria for RP expert system/selector program

From: Albert Soo (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 00:55:38 EET

Dear Marshall Burns
                          Thanks for replying so quickly. Much
appreciated. I have recently joined the RP user mailing list. I have
seen your name appearing a lot in the discussion, and it is great, as
it assist people like myself to learn more about RP, and perhaps
contribute to the discussion in future. It is great talking to such a
knowledgeable author like yourself. Your book "Automated Fabrication,
Improving Productivity in Manufacturing" is used as a reference text
at Swinburne Uni, and is quoted in most thesis on RP here.
              Could you or someone on the mailing list tell me the
email of Doug van Putte or person at Kodak to contact, and the name
of the conference involved.
              What are you thoughts on factors/criteria for selecting
RP systems ?. And in what sequence should the questions in an expert
system be asked to reflect how a typical purchaser would think and
reasons ?. The end result of any expert system is not to provide a
definitive (or ultimate) solution, but to reflect the knowledge of
the expert(s). Thus my reason to seek the assistance of RP users to
identify the expertise/thoughts of the group as a whole.
              Thanks again.
Regards Albert Soo

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