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Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 00:55:47 EET


                     DuPont Company Announces
               New Epoxy Resin for Stereolithography

          DuPont "Somos 6120" Optimized for Maximum
           Solid State UV Laser System Productivity

Wilmington, DE (USA) March 4, 1997: The DuPont Company
today announced a new epoxy resin "Somos 6120" for use in solid
state UV laser stereolithography systems.

Daniel J. Mickish, Manager of DuPont's Somos Group, described
"Somos 6120" as the third member of DuPont's "Somos 6100"
Series of 2nd-generation epoxy-based resins for stereolithography.
Existing members of the series are "Somos 6100" for Ar-ion UV
laser stereolithography systems and "Somos 6110" for HeCd UV
laser stereolithography systems.

The new DuPont "Somos 6120" has all of the desirable accuracy
and mechanical properties associated with epoxy resins. The new
material has "working curve" parameters E(c)=17.5 mJ/cm2 and
D(p)=0.175 mm (6.9 mil) giving it a 1.5X-2X higher photospeed,
depending on layer thickness, than current 1st-generation
competitive epoxies. The high photospeed of "Somos 6120" allows
solid state UV laser systems such as 3D Systems' SLA-350(TM) to
be operated to their full potential.

DuPont customer test-site results show that "Somos 6120"
possesses a surprisingly wide process latitude, even allowing the
fabrication of parts in cases where the equipment is not at its
optimal settings. Also, users operating in high humidity climates
find the DuPont "Somos 6100" Series of epoxy resins particularly
desirable since they easily and accurately fabricate parts in humid
environments. A related desirable feature of the DuPont "Somos
6100" Series is their ability to fabricate parts which are much less
prone to distortion due to humidity changes.

In a paper presented at last year's Solid Freeform Fabrication
Symposium in Austin, TX (USA) August 12-14, 1996, DuPont
showed that the "Somos 6100" Series of epoxy resins can achieve
high heat deflection temperatures (70 oC), elongation (17%), and
impact strength (1 Ft-lb/in) when heated in buoyant fluids. More
recently, a DuPont test-site customer reported in a paper presented
at the Stereolithography User's Group Conference, Orlando, FL
(USA), February 15-20, 1997, that the "Somos 6100" Series of
epoxy resins can substantially increase investment casting
productivity, when using hollow parts, made for example by 3D
System's QuickCast(TM), by substantially reducing the number of
required ceramic shells and by allowing the use of conventional
autoclave/firing processes. "Somos 6100" Series of epoxy resins
are compatible with all known secondary processes such as silicone
rubber molding.

To encourage North American customers to use "Somos 6120",
DuPont is offering a limited-time 35%-initial-fill-discount. For
example, 3D Systems' SLA-350(TM) owners can receive more
than a vat-full (140 kg) of "Somos 6120" for $17,063, plus
shipping. To take advantage of this offer the user must provide the
stereolithography system's model number, serial number, and
location. The regular North American price of DuPont "Somos
6120" is $760 per 4 kg or $3,750 per 20 kg. Volume discounts are
available via negotiable DuPont Somos Photopolymer Annual
Supply Contracts ($50,000 and above).

DuPont provides the world's widest selection of solid imaging
materials. DuPont Somos resins for stereolithography have been
optimized for Ar-ion, HeCd, and solid state UV laser systems, and
range from the only available flexible resins ("Somos 2100"
Series), to general purpose highly transparent acrylate resins
("Somos 3100" Series), and to 2nd-generation epoxy resins
("Somos 6100" Series). DuPont also provides powders for
selective laser sintering, such as the flexible elastomer powder
"Somos 201", soon to be available from DTM Corporation.

DuPont "Somos" materials are marketed world-wide through the
following distributors: Eos GmbH (Germany) and Symore N.V.
(Belgium) for the European market; Behar & Cia. S.A. (Uruguay,
Brazil, and Argentina) for the Latin American market; DTM
Corporation (powders only) and Aaroflex for the North American
market; and DuPont K.K. (Japan) for the Asian market; all of
whom have their own marketing programs.

DuPont is a research and technology-based global chemical and
energy company offering high-performance products based on
chemical, polymers, fibers and petroleum. Committed to better
things for better living, DuPont serves worldwide markets in the
aerospace, agriculture, apparel, automotive, construction,
electronics, packaging, refining and transportation industries.
Among DuPont's best known brands are Teflon fluoropolymer
resins; Silverstone non-stick finishes; Lycra brand spandex fiber;
Stainmaster flooring systems; Kevlar brand fiber; Tyvek
spunbonded olefin; Corian solid surface material; and Conoco
fuels and lubricants.

Somos(R) is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours
and Company
SLA-350(TM) and QuickCast(TM) are trademarks of 3D Systems

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