Re: Criteria for RP expert system/selector program

From: Albert Soo (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 01:32:53 EET

Dear Ron Clemons

You wrote
<< In summation, I do not believe that in the real world a customer who
needs parts built can rely on a benchmarking report or technology
comparison alone. I believe that many times it boils down to hiring
"the best person," not "the best technology or machine" to achieve the
best solution. I do, however, acknowledge that there are some boundries
such as build packet sizes, material properties and and surface finish
requirements that may not be overcome by skills and techniques alone.
The bottom line to a customer is finding the right service bureau or personnel,
as well technology and equipment to achieve the desired results.

Ron Clemons
Director of Marketing
Harvest Technologies
Temple, TX USA >>

                           Thank for you reply. I knowledge that
skills of the RP operator is important in getting the desired
results, but unfortunately we can't factor in skill level in an
expert system/selector program, as the most skillful operator in any
RP system will produce the best product in terms of accuracy, surface
finish etc. There is also a problem when the skillful operator leaves
the organisation, or need upgrading their skills to manage new
technology. Skill level is an advantage after purchasing the RP
system, not a main factor/criteria in selecting the system.
                What are the factors/criteria used and the
ranking of those factors, in selecting the company's RP system ?.

Regards Albert Soo

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