Pro/E imports to FrameMaker

Date: Thu Mar 06 1997 - 19:20:54 EET

RPT Experts:

My name is Ken Stone, I am an account manager for Great River Systems, a Sun VAR
and FrameMaker reseller in Minneapolis. (

We have a customer, StorageTek Network Systems Group in Minneapolis who uses
Pro/E and brings those drawings into FrameMaker which is used for engineering
specs and tech pubs.

The Pro/E drawings are saved as HPGL files and imported into Frame with the
Frame filter.

The drawings are not importing properly: Solid lines in the Pro/E become
various dotted and hashed lines. Colors appear in the filtered version that were
not in the original.

It may be a FrameMaker filtering problem, it may be the customer doing something
strange in Pro/E. Adobe/Frame application engineers have been on site, have
observed the problem, but have not found a solution.

Does anybody on the RPT mailing list have experience with Pro/E and Frame?


Pro/E runs on a SunOS 4.13 platform. Version of Pro/E unknown. Frame is version
4 and version 5 running on SunOS, Solaris, and HP/UX. The drawings appear as
black and white on the HP 700 Apollo workstations in Frame but appear with
black, green, and red on the Suns. Consistency of drawing elements that appear
in color, i.e. numbers, arrows, etc. lead us to believe the customer is doing
something in Pro/E that affects output to Frame.

Any help or pointers to other sources is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Ken Stone
Great River Systems
612-686-0995 x14

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