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Date: Mon Mar 10 1997 - 17:56:33 EET

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, asavavis wrote:
> My name is Seksak Asavavisithchai. I am doing a research on
> state of the art in rapid prototyping in ceramic at University of
> Southern California (USC). Can anyone tell me how can I find out some
> information about ceramic in rapid prototyping? Who can I talk to?

We at the University of Michigan, although mostly silent on this
list have been making improvements in the art and science of ceramic
stereolithography. The current emphasis is on aluminum oxide models and
we've made a fair bit of progress on actually making parts (which is why
we're here anyway, right?!)

I'm currently in the process of updating the tired, old webpages with the
latest and greatest stuff. It should be up by tomorrow. I apologize for
the severe link rot that has affected pages under my care.

As far as I know, GATech, UDayton, CaseWestern, Rutgers, Clemson and MIT are
active from the academic front and TA&T, LonePeak, and Advanced Ceramic
Research are active on the business end. I'm sure there are more which
folks on this list will fill in.

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