AAROFLEX rp users?

From: Chris B ClodFelter (chris_b_clodfelter_at_clos-us-eva-po02@smtp.rexam.com)
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 20:12:43 EET

     Hello all,
     I just received a video and literature on the AAROFLEX rp machine and
     I am more than just a little bit excited.
     Many of the features and options that I have been wanting with 3D
     Systems seem to be standard with the AAROFLEX system. Features such as
     a large selection of lasers, training included in the purchase, and
     they teach you how to calibrate the machine yourself. My 3D Systems
     F.E. would probably be shot for giving away the secret of the magic
     calibration plate.
     I am looking for anyone that has purchased this machine and could take
     the time to answer a few questions about their experiences with this
     Some of my questions are as follows:
     1. Are you satified with the response time of any service call that
     you may have had?
     2. Is the training provided adequate?
     3. What laser/resin combination did you decide on?
     4. Did you have a different SLA machine before? If so, how much
     faster is the new machine?
     I have many more questions but I wanted to keep this short.
     Thank you very much for your time,
     Chris Clodfelter
     Rexam Closures
     Evansville, In 47711
     tel (812) 867-6671
     fax (812) 867-7607

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