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STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA: March 11, 1997: PORTEC - North America, a
division of NEST Technologies, announced today the availability of a
micro-porous, air, steam, and water permeable aluminum material called
METAPOR F100 AL. This unique patented product represents a breakthrough
in material sciences, where a new material has been custom designed for
applications which require consistent permeability, especially in vacuum
or pressure related processes.

METAPOR F100 AL is made up of 70-90% aluminum powder and 10-30% of
special epoxy resin. A proprietary manufacturing process results in
production of solid blocks of this micro-porous material which looks
like aluminum and is 37% lighter. It is sold in 20" x 20" square slabs
with the thickness ranging from Ĺ" to 12". METAPORís machining
properties are similar to hardwood and multiple sections can be easily
joined with adhesives.

The most common application for METAPOR is production of tooling for
vacuum forming or thermoforming. Typical tools for the thermoforming
process require hundreds, sometimes thousands, of very small holes in
order to create air-pressure which forms hot plastic sheet around
numerous details of the mold. Since METAPOR is micro-porous, this
tedious process of hole drilling is completely eliminated resulting in
substantial time and cost savings. This allows the production of
extremely complex shapes with intricate details. Even engraved details
and structured surfaces can be replicated.

METAPOR is used in the product development process, and it can serve as
a production tool as well. METAPOR is often used to make inserts for
production aluminum molds, especially in complex and difficult to form

Manufacturing companies who currently use METAPOR produce a diverse
range of products such as: appliances, cars, airplanes, computer
enclosures, toys, consumer products, packaging & displays, medical
equipment, food and personal care products, sporting goods, etc.

Other applications of METAPOR include:

tooling for V-process sand casting
fixtures for extraction of moisture from ceramics
air-bearings and creation of frictionless surfaces
vacuum holding fixtures for assembly & automation applications

METAPOR F100 AL material has been developed by Portec, AG of Switzerland
and has been in active use throughout Europe during the last 18 months.
Portec - North America, a division of NEST Technologies is now
responsible for marketing and distribution of this product in USA &

METAPOR F100 AL will be demonstrated at the Rapid Prototyping &
Manufacturing Exhibition organized by Society of Manufacturing Engineers
in Dearborn, Michigan during April 22-24, 1997 as well as at the
National Plastics Show in Chicago, Illinois during June 16-20, 1997, and
at the Thermoforming Conference & Show in Atlanta, Georgia during
September 13-16, 1997.

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