Re: AAROFLEX rp users?

Date: Wed Mar 12 1997 - 20:42:13 EET

Chris B ClodFelter wrote:

> I just received a video and literature on the AAROFLEX rp machine and I am more than just a little bit excited.
> Many of the features and options that I have been wanting with 3D
> Systems seem to be standard with the AAROFLEX system...
> I am looking for anyone that has purchased this machine and could > take the time to answer a few questions about their experiences with this machine.

Dear Chris:

Before offering the AAROFLEX Solid Imaging System commercially, we
surveyed the needs and desires of RP industry extensively. We are
pleased that our system configurations and packaging seem to meet the
interests of you and your organization. AAROFLEX, Inc., to date, has
received contracts for three systems and commitments for additional
machine purchases. All of the AAROFLEX system purchasers have made
their decisions by evaluating the AAROFLEX technology in comparison to
their own existing RP equipment.

The first two AAROFLEX production systems, which are to be delivered in
the upcoming weeks, are of the AAROFLEX SI-22-AI-1 configuration. These
are Solid Imagers with 22"x22"x22" part capacities and the Coherent
Innova 328 one-watt argon-ion laser. The first user has selected the
DuPont Somos 6100 epoxy photopolymer.

We anxiously look forward to our upcoming deliveries and the beginning
of a user-base which will be able to offer practical comparisons of the
technologies and positive responses to your questions related to service
and training. We recognize that we must offer a superior product and an
increased level of service and support to our customers.

We invite you to visit our headquarters and view our R&D systems as well
as the production units in progress. Thank you for your time and
interest in AAROFLEX.

K. Kaisha Halcli
Vice President
8550 Lee Highway, Suite 650
Fairfax, VA 22031
703.573.0690 703.849.1206 fax

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