Re: Converting point cloud data to UG

From: Jim Rollins (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 03:30:04 EET wrote:
> RP'ers,
> I am trying to convert an .ibl file (scanned data) into UG v.11 with little
> success. The .ibl file is a plain text file containing roughly 44,000 x,y,z
> coords. Has anyone on the list every converted an .ibl file into UG? .ibl to
> IGES? Any suggestions, comments?

Jason, the information that you have in IBL format can be changed
easily. We are pulling this in to PRO-E and out putting a surfaced IGES
file that can be imported into UG. Joe Llamas has completed the file
and will be uploading this directly to your site. Anymore needs let us


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