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From: David Comeau (
Date: Sun Mar 16 1997 - 20:43:14 EET

In response to question regarding short run injection moulding, we have
developed a patent-pending technology for composite rubber-aluminum molds.
We have used these molds exclusively over the last three years to produce
injection molded plastic parts in many different resins, in quantities
between several hundred to over a thousand parts. Lead-times vary
depending upon part complexity from 1-4 weeks. For more information,
please see our web-page at:

<Hi, 14/3/97

I am looking for information on short run RTV tooling for injection
moulding, Does anyone have any details or know haw can I obtain more


Ofer Vacus
University of Sunderland>

 Albright Technologies, Inc.
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Sterling, MA 01564

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