SLA 250 Zephyr Housing Falling Off

From: John Beilman (
Date: Tue Mar 18 1997 - 04:12:21 EET

 What can I do to prevent this from occurring again:

 On a SLA 250 build this weekend the housing that contains the rubber hoses
(connected to the Zephyr blade) fell off. The housing fell off twice while
the AE
was installing and testing this machine (1 week ago). The housing is
with velcro to the inside of the cabinet. 3D Systems said we should
reinstall it
with more velcro.
 The machine runs flawlessly except for this cover. Has anyone found a way
to attach it in a more "permanent" manner.

John Beilman
Design Engineer
Mold Solutions Group
Liberty Precision Industries Ltd.

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