SLS machine(s) for sale!!!!

From: barney sing (
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 23:47:52 EET

If you are interested in a DTM sinterstation 2500 e-mail me ASAP!!!
Priced to go...make an offer...

One machine with metals package...and all plastics... Purchased 12-95
roughly 2500 hours in build...
One machine without metals... has all plastics..Purchased 9-95
ruoghly 3200 hours in build...
Have one DTM Lindburg oven.. copper, infitrant, nitrogen drying oven, etc...
Hydrogen not included!!!
barney sing
Global Tool and Engineering
vc: (972) 241-4300 ext.107
fx: (972) 241-3195

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