Comparing systems

From: gelsomina fiorilli (
Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 23:38:08 EET

Hi! I'm doing some research on a number of different types of systems used
for rapid prototyping but have come across a number of problems.
Hopefully some of you professionals that have hands on experience can help
me interpret some of my findings.

The real issue is making sure I compare oranges and oranges. The three
systems I am studying are stereolithography, solid ground curing and
selective laser sintering. If anyone has one or more of these systems can
they please give me a general idea of the cost breakdown for each system.
ie. equipment, software, operators, materials, maintenance and any other
cost I may have missed.

Another important aspect for my project is testing the machineability of
the parts created by each of the systems. First of all, are they
machineable? Secondly, to what extent?

Has there been any success in one of these systems being implemented into
the sandcasting industry?

What were some problems that occurred with the systems? Were there any
that were unforeseeable?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mina Fiorilli


The University of Western Ontario
London, Canada

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