SLA Operations

Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 23:44:57 EET

Director of SLA Operations
Baltimore, MD

We are a small and growing company that is developing a rapid tooling system.

We are seeking an experienced, energetic, and innovative engineer with
stereolithography experience for the position of Director of SLA Operations.
Director of SLA Operations will be working with a SLA-500/40 and be
for improving the accuracy of SLA models required as tool models for the
tooling system. Our process will push the SLA technology to create the most
accurate models possible.

Essential Functions:
1) Operate 3D Systems SLA-500/40 stereolithography machine.
2) Develop techniques and build parameters to create extremely accurate SLA
     models to be used for our process.
3) Maintain the SLA 500/40 machine.
4) Interface with Tool Designers to create accurate tool models.
5) Check part files received from the customer and assist in the translation
to an
     .stl file.

Minimum Requirements:
1) BS degree in engineering
2) 5 years experience with Stereolithography machines
3) Excellent communication skills, innovative thinker, self-motivated,
     and well organized.

Send resumes to our Search Consultant:
David Baird, D. W. Baird & Associates
10751 Falls Road
Lutherville, MD 21093
410-823-0146 FAX

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