Re: 3D Printing

From: George Sachs (
Date: Mon Mar 24 1997 - 19:06:10 EET

Andrew Halket wrote:
>> There is some confusion here. The term '3D Printing' is a trademark of
>> MIT, and refers to the process of using an ink-jet print head to lay
>> down colloidal silica on a bed of alumina powder
>I'm a bit late to this converesation but I find it strange that the
>term "3D printing" can be trademarked - it's like saying "moulding"
>or "machining" can be trademarked!?!
Almost anything for sale can be trademarked, but there are strong and weak
trademarks, which depend on the types of names and terms used and on the
trademark owner enforcing their trademark rights (ex. Xerox & Kleenex did
not agressively protect their Xerox Copy & Kleenex Tissue use, and these
became part of the vernacular ... which could be good for marketing and name
recognition ... but bad for trademark rights). This is well known trademark
information (i.e. I am not an attorney).

George Sachs

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