Re: 500 Zephyr

From: Michael Buchloh (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 11:57:01 EET

Joseph DeGuglielmo wrote:
> I'm looking for positive input on the 500 Zephyr. Who has it and are you
> happy with it. I have it in my budget but have not been convinced it is
> a wise move.
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We have had Zephyr blades on our two SLA500s for about 9 months now.
Almost every week for the first several weeks after commission, we had
failed builds due to blade crashes and other recoater problems. This I
think was due to the smaller blade gap used, and the bottom of the blade
can collect partly cured resin residue. Solution - regularly clean
bottom of blade with a scraper. The obvious advantage though is
elimination of trapped volume probelms (completely!) and reduced build
time due to no deep-dipping, which works very well.
Another problem can be the inadequate recoating of large flat areas -
the Zephyr reservoir can run out of resin. Either adjust the level to
hold more, or use 2, 3 or more sweeps. We just built a full 500 x 500 x
~10mm plate like this!
Trevor Howarth, Rover Group Rapid Prototyping, England
c/o Michael Buchloh, BMW Muenchen

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