Re: 3D Printing - trademark?

Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 14:54:28 EET


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<< I find it strange that the
 term "3D printing" can be trademarked - it's like saying "moulding"
 or "machining" can be trademarked!?! >>

Apparently there are trademarks and there are trademarks.

I'm told that, in the US, in order to have a trademark with any real strength
one must (among other things) avoid a merely descriptive use of ordinary
words. In other words, one should add some creative component to a
"trademark," before depending on it for much.

Your point seems to have some merit, since there is ample evidence of phrases
such as "three-dimensional art," three-dimensional photography,"
"three-dimensional painting,' and even "three-dimensional printing" in print
before MIT's "3D Printing" showed up.

{{If one wanted to protect "Tuna Fish Sandwich," it might help to switch to
"TF Sandwich," but I'm not sure if the switch from "Three-Dimensional
Printing" to "3D Printing" would have similar value in court.}}

Norman Kinzie

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