Re: 3D Printing - trademark?

Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 16:32:22 EET

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Andrew wrote:

>>I find it strange that the term "3D printing" can be trademarked -
>>it's like saying "moulding" or "machining" can be trademarked!?!

Norman wrote:

>I'm told that, in the US, in order to have a trademark with any real
>strength one must (among other things) avoid a merely descriptive use
>of ordinary words. In other words, one should add some creative
>component to a "trademark," before depending on it for much.

Microsoft has been able to aggressively protect their "Windows"
trademark even though the Mac (for one) had "windows" in their software
when Microsoft still thought DOS was advanced. Maybe it depends on how
much money you have. :-)

Mark Kottman

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