Re: Ketool Waterlines

From: Dan Sammons (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 04:54:52 EET

John Beilman wrote:
> Another Keltool question from New York:
> Is it possible to install and use waterlines in a Keltool cavity?
> Is Keltool, once impregnated, capable of carrying water at low pressures
> without leaking? I have seen Keltool cooled with aluminum support
> plates mounted below the cavities.
> Thanks!
> John Beilman
> Design Engineer
> Mold Solutions Group
> Liberty Precision Industries Ltd.

Our experience with Keltool has been to add waterlines as you would for
any "conventional" tool steels. We have not seen any leakage, etc. due
to the impregnation of the material.
Hope this helps.
Dan Sammons
Design Prototyping Technologies
East Syracuse, New York
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