Keltool process

From: Jason Aspinall [Lion] (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 10:36:17 EET

Perhaps this might be a rather mundane question, asked a thousand times,
but I'm very new to the 3D arena having just made the transisiton from 2D
Autocad world to the simply fantastic 3D Solidworks 97 world :)

We've gone through a major redesign of a precision sampling head which
aquires a quantative sample to be processed. SL models have been made, as
have silicone vac-casting moulds to produce working PU replicas. We are
now in the stages of looking at the various routes we can take to produce a
rapid too, for mass ABS injection moulding.

One process were very interested in because of its good performance figures
and lifetime, is the Keltool process.

Can someone, if you have a spare minue and a nice document to cut and paste
the info from, please email me the exact process of what and how the
keltool process works.

many thanks

Jason Aspinall
CAD Development Engineer
Lion Laboratories plc

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