Re: Open SLS Time

Date: Fri Mar 28 1997 - 10:51:36 EET

> nCore, a full turn key Service Bureau located in Lynchburg Virginia, has
> open and available SLS time on its DTM 2000 Sinterstation. All those
> interested should contact nCore at (804) 582-6141.
> Paul Higgins
> nCore, Inc.

I would suggest you review the FAQ of this mailing list. One of the
things this list is not, is a forum for advertising. There has been
some flaming in the past, and I think we all agree that this group
does need information bordering on advertisement: i.e., DuPont
announces availability of new SOMOS resin, etc. But, I think
everyone agreed we were not to "hock our wares," so to say, on this
David K. Leigh
Harvest Technologies phone (817) 742-1822
Rapid Prototyping Center fax (817) 742-0053

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