RapidTool Vaporization

From: pattisow@dtm-corp.com
Date: Sat Mar 29 1997 - 04:19:27 EET

     G. Allen Brady wrote:
     On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, M. Burns (marshall@ennex.com) wrote:
> What is a Lindburg oven? Is this for postprocessing of
     Ooooohh! I know, I know! Being a ceramist, I know that Lindburg is
     a Furnace manufacturer. I'm most familiar with their high temperature
     furnaces (~1600 C) - high enough to post process your RapidTool to
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     DTM's RapidSteel material is a bimetallic composite consisting of
     steel and copper. Copper melts in the 1100C range, and steel melts
     above 1500C. I don't believe that any RapidSteel will be vaporizing
     in the Lindberg furnaces which DTM sells to customers for the
     postprocessing of RapidTool core/cavity sets.
     Will Pattison
     Applications Manager,
     DTM Corporation

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