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From: Ray Bradford (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 22:04:09 EEST

Pablo Elenter asked about distributing 3D CAD Information over the internet and
was looking for a cheap VRML viewer that supports measurements and sectioning.

I'm not aware of any with the last two features, but the SolidPlayer can do
what you want and it's FREE.

You can distribute 3D CAD information together with measurements and sectioning
using the SolidPlayer program on your intranet or over the internet for FREE !

See for an example of how this
is accomplished. You'll need to download the SolidPlayer to view the SFX
files associated with the images.

The SolidPlayer works with either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet
(If you set up your own Web Server, you will have to add the SFX mime type
to get the SFX files to launch SolidPlayer and not just appear as text).

The SolidPlayer is the FREE viewer for SFX files which supports 3D
with mulitple saved 3D views with dimensions and annoations. The user also
has full interactive visualization, measurement and sectioning features in
addition to the saved 3D views.

You can download the SolidPlayer over the internet at
at no
charge or be provided a copy for free by any SolidView user.

To create SFX files you'll need a copy of SolidView which, together with your
input, can author SFX files from STL, IGES or VRML 1.0 (in release 2.1 - April).

Good luck with your project.

Ray Bradford

>Hi all - We are involved in project of distributing 3D CAD information
>through internet. The information will be used for quotation of automotives
>We had evaluated the .STL format and the related viewers.
>The VRML seems to have some advantages, but we didnīt got deep in it.
>Has anybody know of cheap viewer for VRML files? Can they handle sections
>and mesures as SOLIDVIEW or MAGICVIEW do? Is there any paper about it?
>Thanks a lot.
>Pablo from Argentina.
>Pablo Elenter
>Phone: 541 3222832
>Fax: 541 3931086
>Home: 5982 702823
Ray Bradford
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