Re[2]: Windows N/T Upgrade

Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 23:33:48 EEST

Who are you??? Please identify your self so that we may know what company
is sending the reply. Your E-mail address does not tell anyone who you
are. I would like to discuss with you if you had any trouble at first with
your Zephyr. We had ours installed in December 1996 and are still tring to
get it to work. The problem is that the blade crashes are intermittent,
and our 3D tech. is still trying to figure out how the problems can be
corrected. I am not at all convinced that the Zephyr blade is the way to
go, and I am real close to suggesting that we pull it out. I can't afford
to keep having blade crashes and idle time on this machine. So when I hear
of someone being 150% satisfied with the Zephyr it surprises me. Let me
know who you are so we can talk further.


We have been having a bit of trouble with our upgrade. We were the first
   company to get the Zephyr installed in the field. That went very well. We
   are 150% satisfied with the performance of the Zephyr. Getting the NT is
   another story. We were finally shipped the parts and software about 7 weeks
   ago (11 months after we ordered it) and then we tried for 6 weeks to get a
   field engineer here to install it. We did get it installed last week and
   found out at that time we were not scheduled to get a pentium. The
   salesperson told us a 500/30 to 500/40 upgraded included a zephyr, a pentium
   and NT--we are still working with 3D on this, but it has not been resolved.
    We like the NT interface and it is generally working well, but the 486
   computer with 16meg of RAM is definitely underpowered.
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 1997 9:48 AM
Subject: Windows N/T Upgrade


I was curious if anyone on the list has the Windows N/T upgrade on their
SLA-500. If so, how is it working? Comments? Feelings? Suggestions?

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        Hasbro Toy Group
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