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From: Marcus Joppe (
Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 22:16:17 EEST

pablo elenter wrote:
> Hi all - We are involved in project of distributing 3D CAD information
> through internet. The information will be used for quotation of automotives
> parts.
> We had evaluated the .STL format and the related viewers.
> The VRML seems to have some advantages, but we didnt got deep in it.
> Has anybody know of cheap viewer for VRML files? Can they handle sections
> and mesures as SOLIDVIEW or MAGICVIEW do? Is there any paper about it?


some time ago the use of VRML in the RP area was been discussed on this
A comparison of this discussion and also links to VRML related Web-Sites
can be found under:


Ciao ...

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