injection moulding

From: Pedro Garayo Olarra (
Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 13:11:03 EEST

Hello there,
I work for CIDAUT, which is a research and development center for
automotive industry. We are trying to set up a process for quick
manufacture of injected plastic prototypes (in the right material). I am
particularily interested in information about rapid tooling for short injection
moulding runs. Spraying metal methods suit me very well, and it's also a
very well known technique but I don't know if there is sufficient
information on the materials as to use them in simulation with C-MOLD or
MOLD-FLOW. I appreciate information of any other
process (fast and cheap, of course). I would be manufacturing the master
with a CNC machine or I could be buying the master to other company.
Please, any specific technical information is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Pedro Garayo
Research engineer
CIDAUT. Parque Tecnologico de Castilla y Leon. Parcela 209.
47151 Boecillo.Valladolid.Spain.
tlfno.(983)54 80 35
Fax. (983) 54 80 62

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