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Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 14:47:48 EEST

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I have used this technology long enough to realize that the first place
to check would be my build parameters. I've taken the same files that
crashed with the Zephyr blade and put it one of our other 500's and the
build was fine. I have had our 3D technician and a 3D software tech.
working with me, and so far none of us have come up with a solution. Our
technician is currently trying something else as we speak, I'll let you
know if the problem is solved. By the way, I've talked to enough people
to know that problems with the Zephyr blade is NOT unusual on the 500.
I've also heard that the Zephyr blade was originally designed for the 350
and modified for the 500. Maybe this is the reason for the problems, who

Lynda Hurley
Rapid Prototyping Lab
Lockheed Martin
Orlando, FL.

Hi Lynda
Which organization is behind your E-Mail address ? Your message to the
mailing list does not show anything beside your address :-(

 However your experience with the Zephyr are not normal, crashes may happen
but they are mostly related to the build parameters and not to the design
or the technology of the Zephyr. A SLAxxx with the Zephyr is definitely
more sensitive to the build parameters than a system using the doctor
blade. One of the reason for this is the fact that the blade gap is smaller
and the blade has a larger surface displayed toward the part. Any "buildup"
under the blade is becoming very critical and must be observed, specially
after "crashes". I use normally the following explanations for crashes:"
The part has touched the recoater" :-)

 By realizing this you must than first look into your parameters, flat
areas without a strong enough supports going into the part are candidates
for crashes as the number of sweeps, specially on "high" parts with trapped

Going back to your old recoater will be by no means the right step.
Best Regards
Detlev Stachelhaus
Privat Statement from Germany

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