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Date: Wed Apr 02 1997 - 03:31:21 EEST

No April Fool's Joke -- There are a few benefits to working/living in
metro Washington, DC...

A quick jaunt to the PTO (Patent & Trademark Office) on Friday confirmed
that "3DP" and a logotype variation using "3DP" are registered
trademarks of MIT, effective July 1992. The terms "3D Printing" or
"Three Dimensional Printing" were not shown to be registered.

In the rapid prototyping industry, BPM Technology, Inc. has registered
the closest variation to "3D Printing". In July 1996, BPM registered "3D
PRINT". At the same time, BPM also trademarked "3-D FAX". Stratasys
has held trademarks to "3D Plotter" and "3D Visualizer" since 1992.
There also exist numerous stylized logotypes using "3D" by a variety of
companies in varying industries.

How's that for today's 3-D trademark trivia?

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