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Early last year we complied a list of universities and their RP research
interests. It's time to update the any new info?

Educational Institutions-US

University College /School Technology Research Area

Alabama Industial Development Train. SLA-250 Industrial Education
Argonne National Lab FDM Ceramics
Bergen County Techical Schools SLA-250 Education
Bowling Green University
Bradley University
Brigham Young University
Bucknell University
California Polytechnic State University "LOM, FDM" Education
California State
Carnegie Mellon University JP-5 Systems Shape Deposition
Case Western Reserve CAM/LEM Engineering Materials
Central Michigan University
Clemson University "SLA-250, SLS, Sanders" "Tooling, Education,
Virtual Prototyping"
Drexel University
Dartmouth College FDM Education
Embry Riddle Aerospace University SLA-190 Education
Georgia Inst of Tech SLA-250 Rapid Tooling
GMI Engineering & Management Institute SLA-190 CIM Technology
Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Los Alamos National Lab Direct Metals
Loyola College
Loyola Marymount University Sanders
Marquette University Sanders
McGill University
Milwaukee School of Engr "LOM, SLA-250" "Rapid Tooling, RP Consortium"
MIT 3-D Printing Consortium for Injection Molds
New Jersey Inst of Tech SLA-250
North Carolina State University SLA-190
Northeastern University SLA
Oregon State
Penn State Erie SLA-250 Rapid Tooling (nickel Electroformed tooling)
Princeton University SLA-250 Ceramics
Purdue SLA
Pittsburg State "FMD, LOM"
Rensselar Polytechnial University FPM "CAD, FPM"
Rochester Inst of Tech
Rock Valley College SLA-190
Rutgers State University "FDM, SLA-190" Advanced Structural Ceramics
Saginaw Valley College SLA Education
Sandia National Labs "SLA, SLS, LENS" Tooling
Sinclair Community College "FDM, Deneb Robotics" Concurrent
Engineering for RP
South West Texas State University SLA-250
Standford University
Stevens Inst of Tech SLA-250 "CAE software, CNC"
Temple University CNC RP for Jewelry
Texas A & M University SLS Electrodes
Texas State Technical College SLA
The University of Michigan SLA-250
University of Arizona
University of California Berkeley
University of California-Irvine
University of California-San Diego
University of Connecticut "SALD. SALDVI, SLS"
University of Central Florida SLA
University of Dayton LOM
University of Delaware
University of Detroit
University of Detroit Mercy
University of Illinois Chicago FDM "Process Modeling for RP/M, FDM of
Ceramics, RP for MEMS"
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Metal Deposition
University of Kentucky SLA-250 Consortium
University of Louisville SLS-2000 "Tooling, Consortium"
University of Massachusetts at Lowell SLA-250 "Tooling, Resins"
University of Maryland SLA-250
University of Michigan SLA-250 Ceramic loading of polymers
University of Nebraska-Lincoln SLA
University of South Carolina "CAD, Virtual Prorotyping"
University of Southern Mississippi SLS Consortium
University of Texas
University of Texas At Austin SLS Laser Sintering
University of Utah
Virginia Polytechnic Institute FDM Education
Western Michigan University

Educational Institutions-Foreign

University College School Technology Research Area

Buckinghamshire College SLA-190 "High Speed Electrodeposition, Drop on
demand, Recoating, Tooling"
Cardiff Institute of Higher Education SLA-250 Costing of RP models
City University of Hong Kong
Cranfield University
Danish Technological Institute SLA "RP Software, EARP Consortium"
Delcam International PLC
DTI Teknologiparken
Fraunhofer Inst for Manuf Engr and Auto (IPA) IMS Multiphase Jet
Solidification Process
Fraunhofer Inst of Prod Tech (IPT) "SLS, SLA" "Metal deposition,
laser machining"
Groningen University Hospital
Helsinki University of Tech Software for RP
IVF The Swedish Inst of Prod Engr Res
IVF-KTH "SLS-DTM, LOM2030" "Application Dev & Rapid Tooling, Product
Driven FFF"
Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven (Belgium) SLS Sintering Metals
Kwang Ju Institute of Science & Tech SLS "Direct slicing, Adaptive
slicing, medical applications"
Narvick Institute of Technology SLA-250 "Reverse Engr, Vacuum casting,
process optimization"
National Cheng Kung University SLS-DTM
National University of Singapore SONY
Newcastle University
Norwegian Insitiute of Technology Cubital 5600 Tools for
investment and injection molding
Osaka Industry University SLA First stereolithography system
Oulu Inst of Tech SLA-250
Politecnico di Torino
Queensland Manuf Inst.
Seoul National University SLA Optimal Part Orientation
Swinburne University of Tech
Technical University of Delft
Technical University of Munich EOS "Tooling, Surgical Prep"
Tel Aviv University RP Algorithms
Temasek Polytechnic/School of Engr
Turku Technical Institute FDM Education
Universita degli Studi di Parma
University of Bremen SLA-250 New RP Processes. Process Chains for RP
                New RP Processes. Process Chains for RP
                "CAD, Reverse Engr, Software"
University of Chemnitz-Zwickau "FDM, EOS Sinterstation" Metals
University of Delt
University of Dresden EOS "Vacuum casting, medical Applications"
University of Erlangen Nuremberg EOSSINT Technology Transfer Center
University of Hokkaido SLA Curling of Polymers using FEM
University of Hong Kong SLS "Tooling, Automated post process, large
scale RP"
University of Leeds SLS "Investment Casting, Medical"
University of Liverpool SLA-250 Vacuum Casting
University of Moncton
University of Nottingham SLA "Rapid Tools, Design for RP"
University of Stuttgart "Stereo, Eossint" Rapid Tooling
University of Sunderland SLA Rapid Tooling
University of Tokyo SLA "Casting, Electrodes"
University of Zurich SLA-250 Cat Scan to RP
Warwick University

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