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Our nozzle is designed such that it will not clog even though travelling under-
neath the surface of the sand. The details of how, is proprietary information,
I'm afraid.

We do build the shape up vertically by spraying molten wax into sand, but with
an important difference from other RP systems - we only "print" the outline
of each horizontal slice, and since the applications we target are large,
thin-walled shapes, the layer thickness is between 0.050"-.0100", making
build-up much faster than solid build-up with thinner layers.

A shape the size of our maximum capacity, as you mentioned, would take a bit
more than "a few hours". The print speed (expected to increase in the future)
is approximately 5 sq. ft. of shape surface area per hour. If the time is
mis-represented on our web site, I will see to it that it gets changed.

Our goals is to provide cheaper and faster ways to provide master patterns
for thin walled large shapes (boats, hot tubs, etc.), for use as prototypes
or tooling. TSF is meant to be an alternative to large NC gantry type
setups, and hand work with plywood and foam. Typical applications do
not require exceedingly strict dimensional tolerances.


Mats J.

At 04:13 PM 4/1/97 -0500, Elaine Persall wrote:
>I am sitting here reading about Formus' TSF technology and it says that it
>positions the printhead nozzle about .5 inch below the surface of the sand
>and sprays a layer of molten wax into the sand. Is this correct? How do
>they prevent blockages? How deep is the layer? I suppose they are
>building upwards? They can build parts 11ft x 6ft x 4ft in a few hours?
>Anybody with experience or useful input?
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