Stereolithography in Europe

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Date: Thu Apr 03 1997 - 20:18:20 EEST

Hello RPers and greetings from Greece,
this is the first message i send to this list so excuse the lengthy introduction and perhaps the misleading title of the message. My name is Giannis Giannatsis and i am a postgraduate student in the University of Piraeus. Me and my colleague Vagelis Kalathas (whose e-mail account i am using now!) are working as Research Assistants in an EEC project concerned with RP (more precisely Stereolithography in Piraeus and LOM in the Nation. Techn. Univ. of Athens) and Rapid Tooling. We are using an EOS stereolithography (or "stereography" for patent-law protection) machine, the STEREOS Desktop S. Till now i have watched with great interest every discussion in this mailing list (although i admitt i am mostly ignorant) and i have found it a very helpfull source of information. So now i feel, i am ready to pose myself some questions.

1 ) Can i get any of the NASUG's past proceedings from somewhere, and if i can do you think it would be helpfull for a non-3DS user like me ?

2 ) Is there a similar professional group (like NASUG) in Europe concerned with stereolithography (or RP in general) ?

3 ) Does anyone know any commercial resin suppliers in Europe, besides the systems manufacturers (EOS, 3DS....) so i could get some better price for SOMOS or Exactomer ?

4 ) Are there any other STEREOS users in this mailing list (we feel kind of lonely)!!!! Please feel free to contact us !

All answers will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!!

P.S. Elaine please add us to your universities' list, thank you!

Giannis Giannatsis
University of Piraeus
Dep/nt of Industrial Management

tel: -30 01 4222188

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