Stereolithography in Europe

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Date: Thu Apr 03 1997 - 15:41:02 EEST

Giannis Giannatsis wrote.........

>1 ) Can i get any of the NASUG's past proceedings from somewhere, and if i
>can do you think it would be helpfull for a non-3DS user like me ?

I believe that all issues of the NASUG proceedings are available for a set
fee. Contact Rob Connelly for a quote.

>2 ) Is there a similar professional group (like NASUG) in Europe concerned
>with stereolithography (or RP in general) ?

Yes there is a European SLA user group. But you have to own a 3D Systems SLA.

>3 ) Does anyone know any commercial resin suppliers in Europe, besides the
>systems manufacturers (EOS, 3DS....) so i could get some better price for
>SOMOS or Exactomer ?

Contact Dupont ( or Allied Signal (847-391-3707).
Ask for a university or educational discount and expect to get one from any

>4 ) Are there any other STEREOS users in this mailing list (we feel kind
>of lonely)!!!! Please feel free to contact us ! >P.S. Ellaine please add
>us to your universities' list, thank you!

Welcome aboard and it looks like YOU have to start the first EOS users group.
Rather than feel all alone.....rally the troupes, join forces and get
more done! I am surprised that Dr. Langer and EOS has not supported the
idea before now.


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