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From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Thu Apr 03 1997 - 17:51:23 EEST

To the captive audience:

Few things get under my skin these days but............I sat in a lecture
this week by a highly repected individual ( an industry engineer) who had
given this lecture 100s of times across the US in class rooms. It was to
be on ethics and engineering...which itself is an interesting topic.

I heard women protrayed in joking terms as:
less intelligent
older women less desirable
trade them for younger models
deceivable ( you can and should lie to them)
you get the picture........somehow I lost his ethics picture

When I commented....I was told I was just sensitive... Hell yes I am
sensitive..... I have always had my intelligence questioned as a matter of
course, I have been told that I will grow old and ugly, I have been paid
less because my work was trivial (anybody could do it), I have been lied to
even with silence.

Futhermore... I am tired of what our promising females have to put up
with in order to fulfill their dreams of becoming an engineer. One young
lady said that the first thing a female student does is develop a thick
skin. I think this is wrong! So do not expect me to be silent nor think
that you and your place of employment does any better. Do you realize that
graduating women feel the need to remove their wedding bands in order to be
considered for top positions!!

 It will only get better when each individual becomes sensitive to the
people around them. Those who think they are helping women are sometimes
the worst offenders.
It will soon be time for "Take your daughters to work" day here in the
US....I'd rather see a "take your son to work" so young boys can see women
doing the same work as daddy and maybe they would understand that women
are not just joke material.

Thanks for listening........being female I do feel better.


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