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From: Mike Shellabear (100765.505@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu Apr 03 1997 - 21:54:56 EEST

Giannis Giannatsis wrote.........

>2 ) Is there a similar professional group (like NASUG) in Europe concerned
>with stereolithography (or RP in general) ?

Elaine Hunt replied..........

>Welcome aboard and it looks like YOU have to start the first EOS users group.
>Rather than feel all alone.....rally the troupes, join forces and get
>more done! I am surprised that Dr. Langer and EOS has not supported the
>idea before now.

EOS has in fact been organizing user meetings for several years now. As with
other manufacturers user groups, these are only open to EOS customers and
invited guests, so we have not publicized them openly.

The first International EOS User Meeting was held in Pasing near Munich in April
1995 and attracted 70 participants from 9 countries. The most recent User
Meeting was held in Bochum, Germany in November 1996 for German-speaking
customers, which is probably why Giannis Giannatsis was not aware of it. We are
planning another International EOS User Meeting for later this year and will
send invitations to all our customers as soon as details are available. Sessions
include presentations from customers and suppliers, workshops relating to
different technologies and applications and plenty of time is planned for
discussions. As we now have more than 120 STEREOS and EOSINT machines in use in
19 countries, this should be a lively and very interesting event.

In addition, the users of our EOSINT S laser-sintering technology for foundry
sand have recently formed a user group run by an independent committee in close
cooperation with EOS. This is also only open to EOSINT S customers or by special

There are of course many other RP events in Europe which are open to the general
public, including the 6th European Conference on RP&M in GB-Nottingham, 1-3 July
1997; the 5. Internationaler Anwender-Kongress Solid Freeform Manufacturing in
D-Dresden, 25-26 September 1997; and the 6eme Assises Europeennes du Prototypage
Rapide in F-Paris, 1-2 October 1997; as well as many other regional events.

We Europeans may not (yet) be so vocal in the RP-ML, but there's a lot going on

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