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From: Ray Bradford (
Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 04:05:11 EEST

Mr Ofer Vacus:

With regard to converting from PE to AutoCAD, viewing, printing and sharing
CAD designs:

If you can write an STL file or IGES file from PE (Pro Engineer ?),
you can use SolidView to view the file and do any of the following:

1. Print any views with dimensions, to-scale or fit to the page

2. If you'd like to import the file into AutoCAD 13, SolidView can write
a DXF file of 3DFACE entities which you can load and view in AutoCAD.

3. If you'd like to load images into a WORD document, you can select the
views you want, add dimensions and annotations and paste images into WORD
directly from SolidView.

4. If you'd like to communicate with someone else in TRUE 3D, with multiple,
dimensioned and annotated views along with 3D INTERACTIVE Visualization,
SolidView lets you create an SFX file and send a 3D commmunication using
the SolidPlayer to anyone you want -- for FREE.

For more information or to download a demo copy of SolidView,
please see our web site:
give us a call at 805 257-9300.


Ray Bradford

>Dose anyone know haw to convert 3D models of PE to AutoCAD 13 for
>Windows? we correctly have some problems with the plotter and looking
>for alternatives
>Is it also possible to transfer 3D models to be viewed in word
>Thank you
>Ofer Vacus <>
Ray Bradford
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