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Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 07:34:54 EEST

On Thurs April 3 Ofer V <> wrote:
> Dose anyone know haw to convert 3D models of PE to AutoCAD 13 for
> Windows? we correctly have some problems with the plotter and looking
> for alternatives
> Is it also possible to transfer 3D models to be viewed in word
> document?

We have two software solutions for converting Pro/E models over to a
variety of industry standard 3d file formats, in addition to being
able to create photo-realistic renderings of these models.

Our first product, PolyTrans will convert Pro/E "Render SLP" files
directly and properly to other formats such as DXF (either as 3DFACEs
or meshes), 3DS, Lightwave, Wavefront, SoftImage, RIB, STL, VRML
and other formats. The Pro/E import converter has been written to
properly optimize the imported data for photo-realistic rendering and
manipulation (it can auto-weld the mesh, explode it by color number
and other operations). More info is available at the WEB address
shown below. A demo is available at

Our second product, the NuGraf Rendering System, is targeted directly
at the Pro/E community as a better solution to dealing with Pro/E files
than the Pro/Photorender module from PTC. It has all the data
capabilities as does PolyTrans but it also includes high speed and
high quality photo-realistic rendering, material editing, 2d/3d texture
editing and so forth. NuGraf was chosen one of the top 10 new products
of 1996 by IEEE Magazine (even though it is 9 years old). Demos are
available at The software can
convert your data to DXF (3D Faces or meshes) and the photo-realistic
renderings can be embedded with a Word document either through the
clipboard or via a variety of bitmap file formats. For an example
rendering of a Pro/E hand screw driver please visit the following
WEB page:


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